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24th March 2022

DrnKo - Mobile App


This is a Mobile App, especially for Alcohol lover. They can download the app from the Play Store and as per Indian State level age permission for alcohol, the application will allow to register the user otherwise user cant register in the application.

The application has multiple features.

Scan the purchase bill for the alcohol for the selective product item and the user can earn the reward points.

Similar way, Scan the alcohol bottle and get more information about the product brand, price rates, the product contains, manufacturer company, etc.

Later on, they can redeem the reward points and purchase Amazon Voucher.

Make a short Nibble (Like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels) and share it with your contact. DrnKo users can like, comment, and share your Nibbles.

Make a community group and do a group discussion, share event photographs, videos, locations, reviews, etc. DrnKo users can like, comment, and share your Post.

Project Details
  • Technology: .Net Core 4.5, Flutter
  • Database: MySQL
  • Country: India