Our Journey

Mind Coder - Company Foundation

August - 2018

Company Foundation

Established in 2018, the company is a sole proprietorship. We started our venture in an apartment room with zero bank balance and Core 2 duo powered laptop for project development.

Mind Coder - Moved to Office Space

November 2019

Moved to an Office Space

We setup and moved to our registered office on the 16th of November 2019. A new location offered us new opportunities to serve our clients better, with more enthusiasm and confidence.

Mind Coder - Team Build Up

March - 2020

Team Build-Up

We grew as a team of 20+ in-house and remote members to deliver projects on time to satisfy our customers' needs. We have an expert team of Web Development, Mobile Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, and more.

Mind Coder - Product Establishment

June - 2022

Product Establishment

With several happy clients and successful projects, we’ve been growing steadily with the passing time, however, we strongly believe that serving the community is our binding duty and we take pride in that.

We leverage technology to provide effective solutions for the development for the kids with special needs. The utility of computers and smartphones is well known. Our team of developers work extensively for the research and development of the appropriate software that can assist with the intellectual development of the kids. Please visit https://assistivekids.guru/ for more information.

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Mind Coder - Clients Satisfied


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