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24th March 2022

Citrix NetScaler Programming - ADC-as-a-Service

This can help to improve availability, security, performance and cloud integration for any app anywhere without hardware or software works with any device anywhere.

Mind Coder - Citrix NetScaler Programming - ADC-as-a-Service

The NetScaler NITRO protocol allows you to configure and monitor the NetScaler appliance programmatically by using Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces. Therefore, NITRO applications can be developed by programming language. NetScaler ADC is Citrix Systems' core networking product. It is an application delivery controller (ADC), a tool that improves the delivery speed and quality of applications to an end user. The product is aimed at business customers and it performs tasks such as traffic optimization, L4-L7 load balancing, and web app acceleration while maintaining data security. NetScaler ADC monitors server health and allocates network and application traffic to additional servers for efficient use of resources. It also performs several kinds of caching and compression. It can be made a server proxy, process SSL requests, and offers VPN and micro-app VPN operations. It also includes NetScaler application firewall and SSL encryption capabilities. NetScaler ADC can manage traffic during DDoS attacks, making sure traffic gets to critical applications. Additionally, Netscaler's logs of network activity feed into Citrix's cloud-based analytics service and are used to analyze and identify security risks.

It has following module to manage the traffic.

Layer 4/7 Load Balancing

  • 11 load balancing traffic distribution methods
  • 7 session/persistence types
  • Device-based weighting

Traffic Routing Flexibility

  • Distribute traffic to devices within port groups
  • Spread traffic across dozens of devices at one or more sites
  • Create failover groups to automatically or manually take over

Static and Dynamic Edge Caching

  • Boost application performance with dynamic and static caching
  • Machine learning-enabled smart caching and object pre-fetching
  • HTTP compression support

Denial of Service (DoS) Defense

  • Completely blocks attacks before they reach your devices
  • Volumetric attack mitigation
  • Teardrop & Fraggle attack mitigation
Project Details
  • Technology: MS .Net
  • Database: MS SQL
  • Country: USA